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Colt McCoy the Mystery
I can’t lie, I am a big Colt supporter. I don’t know exactly what it is. It might be his toughness, his never die attitude, or just the potential I see in him. We’ve all heard the Colt supporters’ reasons for believing he’s the guy. But what about the Colt haters’ reasons?
One of the biggest things they say is that despite all the lack of talent around around a quarterback “a good QB makes others better”. That would actually be true…to an extent. A good quarterback can make a perfect throw in between the receiver’s numbers, deceive the safeties with his eyes, or audible.
However, no matter how good a QB is he cannot make blockers block, make a running-back run for all he’s worth (or at least stay healthy), make a receiver run a good route, and he cannot make a receiver catch the ball! A QB can only do so much to throw a perfect pass.
The Browns led the league in dropped passes with at least 40. That is why I don’t believe the Browns should draft a QB with their first pick. We had a bad receiving group, a 28th ranked running game (unhealthy backs and horrible blocking), a 30th ranked rushing defense, and too simplistic/conservative playcalling (hopefully because they were trying to burn it into Colt and back off next year).
The Browns have way too many holes to fill. Colt is not the problem. If we find out next year (after he has weapons) that he is nothing more than a backup with a cool name then I will admit that I whiffed big time on him.
Until then, Believeland.